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Master Theses as Fulltext


Büchau, Yann Georg
Modelling shielded temperature sensors: an assessment of the Netatmo Citizen Weather Station. Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 2018.    PDF

Salaj, Darko
Observed and modelled onshore-offshore variability of oxygen and plankton on a high resolution North Sea transect: estimations of nutrient concentrations within a selected offshore area of the transect.  Hamburg: University of Hamburg, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, 2018.   Initiates file download PDF

Schreyer, Felix
Decision under climate uncertainty: Learning in target-based approaches - Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 2016.  PDF

Delivery of Theses

The library would like to store and provide all theses written at our institutes. The supply with one copy  from the study office was abandoned for organizational reasons. We therefore ask all graduates to deliver a copy (printed or electronic) of their thesis to the library including their consent for loan. Of course, this is entirely voluntary.