Oceans observations and predictions briefing

Cutting‐edge research by Blue‐Action researchers on ocean observations and model projections demonstrates how these results can lead to robust predictions of the physical characteristics and productivity of oceans and climate up to a decade in advance. These findings can be translated into climate services, providing vital relevant information for diverse industries including conservation, fisheries and transport.

These results come from new large-scale ocean observation networks that can quantify changes in the North Atlantic Ocean circulation and the subsequent impact on climate. These sustained observations feed into climate models that show skill in predicting the ocean conditions on a seasonal to decadal timescale. These predictions are a powerful tool for climate adaptation in sectors and regions affected by strong natural climate variability. One such sector is fisheries, where combining biological and oceanographic models allow us to predict fish abundance and distributions years into the future.

For more details, a summary of a recent briefing event on this result is linked below.


Wakelet and Presentations

Wakelet: View the Wakelet here
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Report "From observing the ocean to predicting the future: How Blue-Action is helping stakeholders adapt to the changing climate" available in Zenodo

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