Feature on Climate Services on Arctic Issue of ECO Magazine

The Blue-Action team, Hannah Grist (SRSL) and Mark Payne (DTU Aqua) contributed an article on climate services to a special Arctic Issue of ECO Magazine, written for those working in marine environments. Read more about the importance of working with end-users to understand what science is needed to adapt to changing climates. "Climate Services: How Arctic Science can help us change with the climate


Article highlighting Blue-Action work by European Commission

Blue-Action has been highlighted by the European Commission for its work on understanding and predicting climate extremes. Read more here: http://ec.europa.eu/research/infocentre/article_en.cfm?artid=49906


Blog on fish forecasts on Polar Prediction Matters

Blue-Action's Mark Payne (DTU Aqua) tackles why we don't have fish forecasts and other questions about forecasting in a new blog for Polar Prediction Matters: Cloudy with Passing Schools of Tuna – Why Don’t We Have Forecasts of Fish?


Interview with Kathrin Keil (IASS) on Warming Arctic - Extreme Events in high North News

High North News interviews Kathrin Keil, Blue-Action WP5 co-leader on the warming Arctic, extreme events, joining multi-disciplinary forces and the importance of climate services.  Read the full article

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